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Saturday, March 12, 2011

What Can I Do?

What can I do to make Saturday up to you? Leave a comment about what you would like to see and I'll consider what each of you wants and I'll reach some sort of compromise. Rest assured, this heresy will not go unchecked.


  1. It's not everyday your best bro comes over to visit. We ain't even mad, yo!

    I say just keep the stream going as usual, whenever you can. We're not entitled to anything, it's just a stream, haha.

    ...I guess a movie night would be nice...? or one special extended night (earlier start or later end, whatever.)

  2. Not even a problem man, it sucked but it's not like you owe us a stream or anything. An extra movie night to replace the missing one would be nice but again it's not like you really need to make up for anything.

  3. Holy crap man, it says your stream is locked

  4. Some troll probably reported the stream. Sucks, because I just got in the stream before it locked.